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Your website is your home on the web, you own it, you control it. You decide if your terms and conditions change, not some other company. Social media platforms are great tools for getting attention, promoting your product and converting leads into customers. But they are owned and controlled by external entities and not by your business.

This means that things can change and you might not be able to sell your product or post whatever type of content you want on that platform. For the above mentioned reasons its verry important to have your own home on the web

For your business to show in the top Google searches it takes a lot of time and work. SEO and inbound content marketing are the two most important tools when it come to reaching the top search page.

By implementing the right strategic plan for your brand. 

It all starts with research, understanding your ideal customer.

Creating buyer personas is a great tool to get a better representation of your ideal customer

Implementing a chatbot might be an option for your business. 

Many businesses have seen an increase in sales by using chatbots to answer simple questions and lead customers to the right solutions or products in the webshop.

We dont have standard packages! All our work is custom and is unique for every client.

ALL OF THEM,  Its not about the platform, Its about reaching your desired audience anywhere they are!

You definitely can! We are here to share our knowledge about tech and media with all entrepreneurs


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All about payments

Payments are due immediately!

That's just our policy

Yes, 50% of the contract amount.

We can always look into that. 

It all depend if its mutually beneficial.


-Credit Card

-Bank Transfer


It depend on the magnitute of your project! 

Anywhere from 2 weeks to a year!

As long as we are not past the strategic planning mark!

Projects don't fail. Humans fail. No we don't give refunds



All about projects



Other uncategorized topics

Why would you want that headache?

We are here to take all of that trouble out of your hands!

Yes! We would love to plan a face to face meeting with you!


We are here for you even in the weekends!

Definitely. We are here to serve you!

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